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March 2015:

Using commas with "and"
"Percent" versus "percentage"
"At" versus "in" and "programme" versus "program"

February 2015:

Bulleted and numbered lists
"This is she" or "this is her"?

December 2014:

The virtue of style manuals
When do we write numbers as words?
"It was he" or "It was him"?

November 2014:

Do we need apostrophes in "cats and dogs coats"?
If I'm on vacation "until Monday" when do I return?
Does "Western" (meaning European) need a capital?
Pronouncing "Aussie"

October 2014:

"Attached are the minutes" or "attached is the minutes"?
"Management discretion" or "management's discretion"?
The overuse of the ampersand (&)

September 2014:

"Bear" versus "bare"
Apostrophes and acronyms
Starting an email with "Dear [name]"

August 2014:

Does "To whom it may concern" need capitals?
Does "the Report" need the capital?
How do you write times?

July 2014:

"Bases" versus "basis"
"Assume" versus "presume"
How do we write compass directions?

May 2014:

Doubled punctuation at the end of a sentence
The use of "statewide"
Avoid "/" for listing alternatives

April 2014:

How many punctuation marks can you name?
Should I use diacritical marks?
"Supranumerary" or "Supernumerary"?
"Titled" or "entitled"

March 2014:

"Consists" versus "comprises"
"Evidently" versus "evidentially"
Choosing between "is" and "are"

February 2014:

Simplifying "Is it not better to ..."
Are "envy" and "jealousy" the same?
"Botanic gardens" versus "botanical gardens"